PAUL "PETE" HARDEN - Bass and Vocals
Paul "Pete" Hardin, dear friend and Bassist for The Rob Holbert Group
passed away on October 9th, 2009. Known by many as being a very gifted
and talented person, Pete was also admired for his wonderful personality.
He was always a joy to perform with and brought many skillful elements to
each performance. His passion for the music was evident with every song.

Paul started playing the drums at the age of 13. His first performance
experience was with the Gospel group, The Gates of Paradise. He played
drums for 5 years with the group after which he moved to  playing the
guitar at age 18 for the same group. After 10 years, at the age of 28, Paul
left the group and started traveling the road with the famous Truthettes of
Oklahoma City. Paul traveled the country for two years with them before
settling in the Dallas area. Paul began playing bass with one of DFW's
hottest bands "Vinjac" as well as performing with his cousin, pianist Pam
Williams in her band "Xpreshunz". Paul, an excellent vocalist and song
writer stayed very busy performing with the Rob Holbert Group as well as
playing bass for one of the largest churches in Dallas , Antioch Baptist.

The Dallas music scene and community will greatly miss this supremely
talented man and his many friends will never forget the impact he had on
each life he touched. Rest in peace my dear friend, Paul "Pete" Hardin